What are the common mistakes while applying kajal

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what are the common mistakes while applying kajal

Eyes are very sensitive, so it is important to take care of them while applying any makeup otherwise this may cause damage to your eyes. Many women use kajal to make eyes to look more beautiful. Many times it happens, that the chemical enter into your eyes if you apply kajal in wrong way. Due to this, the problems of redness and itching occur in the eyes. So you need to know the correct way before using kajal. (Also read: How to get thicker and longer eyelashes naturally)

Let’s know the mistakes while applying kajal.

The incorrect way of applying kajal:

The correct way to apply kajal is to keep your elbows relaxed on a flat surface. Keep your pencil in your hand. Slowly drag the waterline down with your middle or ring finger. Apply small few strokes instead of a long stroke. Start from the corner of the eyes and take the kajal on the outside. If you adopt another way of not adopting this method, then it can damage your eyes.

Excessive Kajal 
what are the common mistakes while applying kajal
If your kajal is very deep or dark, then it makes your eyes look bad instead of making it beautiful. Apart from this, if your kajal is dark, you will have pain in your eye while removing. (Also read: How Anti-aging oil helps to keep the skin youthful)

Apply kajal on the lower waterline

Many women are not aware of the method of applying kajal. The best way to apply kajal on lower and upper waterlines. It makes your eyes beautiful, especially when your eyelashes are thin.

Spreading kajal to hide the dark circle

If you have dark circle then you should apply a thin line of kajal and do not spread it by mistake. Spread kajal looks good, but if you have a dark circle it will increase them further. (Also read: What Are The Things You Should Never Do After Waxing)

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