What are the common eyebrow mistakes

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what are the common eyebrow mistakes

Perfectly groomed eyebrows make your look attractive and add charm to your beauty. Interestingly, the eyebrows can also help you to demonstrate your facial expression. Aiming to make eyebrows more attractive people highlight them with an eyebrow pencil, shaping them and by removing extra hairs. Highlighting eyebrows has become a trend nowadays and it gives a perfect look to your face and eyes. But if your eyebrow is not highlighted properly then it can reduce the beauty of your face. In this case, it is very important for you to shape your eyebrows so that the beauty of your face enhances. But there are many people who make mistakes, due to which their eyebrows look wired, and there face looks ugly. (Also read: What are the common mistakes while applying kajal)

Let’s know the mistakes related to eyebrow that you should avoid.

Over plucking
what are the common eyebrow mistakes
Whenever you remove extra hairs from your eyebrows, you should not remove the excess hair otherwise the shape of your eyebrow can worsen and the eyebrows can look bad.

Do not use excess eyebrow pencil

By using excessive eyebrow pencil, your eyebrows begin to look like you have painted it. Therefore, whenever you use eyebrow pencil, keep in mind that it should not be too dark. (Also read: How to get thicker and longer eyelashes naturally)

Using the wrong colour

Whenever you use eyebrow pencils, you should take care that they are similar to your natural colours so that they can match. But there are some people who use wrong colours.

Getting the permanent eyebrows

Aiming to get attractive eyebrows, people get surgery in the, which can be regretted after a few years. Permanent eyebrows require surgery may results in pigmentation from the skin.

Plucking hairs before hot shower

The eyebrows lose moisture and hair follicle become weak if you pluck eyebrow hair before a hot shower. Therefore, it is better to make eyebrows after bathing. (Also read: How to remove eye fatigue and look bright-eyed always)

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