What Are The Best Hair Mask To Reduce Dandruff Easily

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What Is The Best Hair Mask To Reduce Dandruff Easily

Don’t you think dandruff is the most annoying hair and scalp problem? What not have you tried to get rid of it? From oil therapy to using expensive shampoos, there are a lot of remedies one usually try to get rid of dandruff. But somehow using a lot of remedies altogether on your hair one by one may react negatively on your hair. So, why are you getting too confused when you can use egg and yoghurt hair mask to reduce dandruff from your scalp. Hence, have a look at following and know about this amazing hair mask. (Also Read: Best Hair Oils For The Different Types Of Hair)

Why Do you use yoghurt and egg to reduce dandruff?
Eggs and yoghurt work amazingly on your dandruff. This concoction provides nourishment and moisture to your scalp which is much needed to eradicate dandruff. Yoghurt has antibacterial properties which help to fight with dandruff and remove it from the core. Furthermore, eggs not only help you to get rid of bacteria-causing dandruff but is also known to be a great home remedy for thick and lustrous hair.

How to make egg and yoghurt hair mask for dandruff:
Eggs and yoghurt both are very easily available ingredients. You can arrange them from anywhere you feel like. So, first, you have to take a big bowl in which you are going to prepare the mask. Take one big size egg and 200 grams of yoghurt. If you have long hair then the quantity will change. (Also Read: What Are The Alarming Signs Say That You Need To Cut Your Hair Now)

Take the egg and break it into the bowl. But make sure you are taking the yolk only. Now add 3 to 4 spoons of yoghurt into it. Mix this solution thoroughly. Do not encourage any lumps formation in yoghurt. Now leave this for 20 minutes.

How to use egg and yoghurt hair mask for dandruff:
Before taking the bath, take this solution and put it on your scalp well. Make small parting of your hair and apply the mask. After applying the mask, massage your scalp well so that the mask reaches to your scalp better. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with an antidandruff shampoo. Make sure you use the lukewarm water to clean the scalp. (Also Read: What Is The Secret Of Air Drying Your Hair Perfectly)

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