What Are The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin B Which Promote Hair Growth

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Which food sources of vitamin B promote hair growth

Who does not want to boost hair growth? A lot of products, samples are continuously getting advertised and trying to convince all of us about their capacity of growing hair faster. But do you they speak the truth? There is a lot of doubt about this. It actually hurts when you spend a lot on a product and then it fails. But, don’t worry! We are here to guide you to some foods which contain a lot of Vitamine B. Hope you know about the brilliant capacity of vitamin B to grow your hair faster. Hence, you can not miss these amazing foods which can work like a miracle on your scalp. Let’s get started. (Also Read: How Mint Or Pudina Can Make Your Skin And Hair Problem free)

Some amazing protein-based foods like eggs and chicken are great to grow hair faster. You may not know that hair composed of proteins. Hence, consuming eggs or chicken are very beneficial. Eggs are enriched with B12 and B7. So it takes care of the breakage and treats the loss of hair. Same as chicken. The egg can be consumed raw or cooked, depending on one’s choice.

Nuts or almonds:
Walnuts, peanuts and almonds are very much beneficial because they have omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 creates the regeneration of the hair. In fact, zinc present in this nut family prevents hair loss. The Vitamin E present in these nuts also helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth quite efficient. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Related To Hair Which You Should Stop Believing)

Chickpeas are loaded with folate and zinc. These components are too much beneficial for hair growth too. These iron and folate together help repair the follicles of the hair and help in hair growth. It would be great if you eat sprouted chickpeas in the morning. This will help your body to reload all the nutrients easily at the empty stomach.

Lentils are called Masoor in Hindi. It is enriched with folate and iron like chickpeas. So, you may assume that how beneficial it would be when it comes to growing hair faster. Folate, a Vitamin B, helps in secretion of red blood cells. The iron present in it carries oxygen to all the cells. A deficiency of this can lead to anaemia. (Also Read: How To Make Homemade Hair Serum)

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