What are the benefits of rubbing coffee on hair and skin

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what are the benefits of rubbing coffee on hair and skin

Coffee has many health benefits. The consumption of coffee increases your energy level as well as boost your mood. Moreover, it has powerful antioxidant which is very beneficial for skin and hair. Our body fights with many reactive molecules called free radicals. Those molecules have unplanned electrons which can damage essential cell structures like proteins and DNA. The antioxidant present in the coffee helps the body to fight against these radicals. Apart from this, coffee contains polyphenols and hydrogenic acid, which neutralizes free radicals. Thus, if you rub coffee on your hair and skin then it protects your hair and skin. (Also read: What things you must avoid when you have acne)

Let’s know how coffee is beneficial for skin and hair:

For dark circle and puffy eyes
If you have a problem with dark circles or puffy eyes, the coffee is an effective choice for you. This problem is caused by allergy and inadequate sleep. Coffee has an ingredient called caffeine, which acts like anti-inflammatory and it eliminates swelling and dark circles. To get the best results, mix one spoon coconut oil into the coffee and apply it on the affected areas and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then clean it with the help of cotton and water.

Removes foot scars
Coffee is an excellent foot scrub that removes dead and dry skin cells as well as removes fatigue. There is an exfoliation agent that is beneficial for the feet and also has a relaxing effect. Mix the coffee with lukewarm water and leave it on your feet for 30 minutes in the water. This will give you comfort. (Also read: How to take care of your hair during swimming)

Makes hair to shine
The fizz in the coffee not only help to soften the hair follicles but also makes hair shiny. Mix the conditioner with a teaspoon of coffee and leave it for 5 minutes on the hair. It enhances the colour of your hair.

For dull skin
Coffee works like a great exfoliator. It contains caffeine which produces collagen. Collagen is a protein that improves the flexibility of the skin and keeps your skin young for a long time. Rubbing coffee on the skin destroys dead cells and reduces dullness. Mix olive oil and salt in a cup of hot coffee and rub it on the skin for 2 minutes. (Also read: What Are The Hair Removal Myths You All Should Stop Believing)

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