What are the bedtime mistakes that can damage your hair

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What are the bedtime mistakes that can damage your hair

Healthy hair is very crucial for your look. If your hair is thick and healthy then you can try different hairstyles and ways to transform your hair. However, using too many hair styling products and chemical treatments can harm your hair. Not just that there are many nighttime habits that you are guilty of performing that can harm your hair in the worst possible manner. All these things can really harm your hair as well as lead to excessive hair fall. So, if you want to keep your hair’s health intact make sure you don’t commit these mistakes. So, let’s find out what these mistakes are. (Also read: What important grooming spots most men miss)

Making a tight ponytails
If you like to make a ponytail, it is fine but not all the time. You should avoid sleeping with a tight ponytail as it puts a strain on your scalp. It leads to hair fall. So simply make a loose braid when you go to bed.

Sleeping with wet hair
Many people like to wash their hair at night instead of morning. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is important to avoid sleeping in wet hair. This is not good for your hair strands. The wet hair breaks easily in comparison of dry hair. So, always avoid this habit. (Also read: What are the everyday habits that lead to the split ends)

Using the cotton pillow
The type of pillow you use has a direct impact on your hair and its health. When you use a cotton pillow to support your head then your hair gets tangled and break easily. It is better to sleep on a silk pillow.

Combing before sleeping
Many people think that combing before sleeping is a good habit. Combing makes the hair shiny but too much of it leads to hair fall. So, avoid unnecessary combing right before going to bed.

Playing with your hair
Many people have this habit that when they don’t fall asleep immediately. It harms your hair and you should avoid it. (Also read: How to get the perfect curls at home)

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