What are the beauty benefits of camphor or karpur

What are the beauty benefits of camphor or karpur

Everyone wants a clear and glowing skin in just a fraction of a second. Though it is impossible to attain it, yet there are some ingredients which can help us to get younger looking bright skin within no time. Camphor, the natural ingredient is quite effective in making the skin glow brighter than before. It is believed that camphor has a lot of benefits according to Ayurveda. It helps to get smooth skin, beautiful hair and healthy body. Camphor oil is used to treat many skin related problems. Thus, it is widely used in the ointments and the body lotions as well. (Also read: What are the most essential tips for applying a sunscreen lotion)

What are the beauty benefits of camphor?

Helps to provide relief in skin irritation: Camphor has a very soothing effect on the skin. It provides coolness to the nerves and provides relief in burning sensation. Besides this, it also helps in getting rid of the redness from the skin. Camphor has a very cool and aromatic impact on the skin, thus if you feel slight itching or burning sensation on the skin. Apply camphor on the affected area.

Helps to cure acne: Camphor is one of the best remedies to treat the facial acne. It helps to reduce the pain and swelling from the acne. Camphor also helps to bring down the irritation and redness that occurs in the acne. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and breaks down a pimple from the root. (Also read: How to make your nail polish last longer)

Helps to treat eczema: Camphor helps to treat the problem of eczema. It also helps to provide relief to the itching and irritation caused by the skin. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and provides instant relief to the uneasiness.

Helps to provide relief to skin rashes: Because of its anti-inflammatory property in nature, using camphor oil or camphor water can help you to get relief from skin rashes. It washes off the redness and the rashes caused on the skin.

Helps to heal the cracked heels: Cracked heels can be healed by soaking the feet in camphor water. It softens the rough skin and removes the dead cells from the feet. You can apply moisturiser or cream after cleaning up your feet properly. Camphor helps to keep the skin moist and free form the annoying cracks. (Also read: What is the best night skin care routine one must follow)

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