What are the amazing hair care tips during winters

What are the most amazing hair care tips for winters

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Winters are the most wonderful time of the year. It is full of warm blankets, hot chocolates and delicious foods. However, winter is not that fun for your hair. Most people switch to hot water in winter, which is actually really harmful to your hair. Winters can actually leave your hair rough and dry. Also, hair fall becomes a major issue in winters. So, it is important to take special care of your hair during winters. Let’s find out in what ways we can take care of our hair during winters. (Also read: Five bedtime habits you should follow for gorgeous hair)

Less hair wash
Winters can take away the natural oils from your hair so it is better that you wash your hair less frequently. If you have greasy hair, you can work on cleaning your scalp and roots. Avoid rinsing with too much water as to keep the natural oil intact.

Shield your hair from outside
Always keep a stole or a scarf handy when you go outside in the winters. The excessive cold weather can leave your hair dry and lifeless in seconds. Remember to shield and protect your hair in the best possible way.

Avoid hot water for head wash
Hot water is the worst enemy for the head wash. It sounds really harsh but hot water can steal the natural oils present in your hair and lead to hair fall. Switch to lukewarm water to keep your hair healthy.

Comb them lightly
When you are combing your hair or brushing them, it is important to remember that they are dry and rough due to winters. As a result, they are more prone to damage. Over-brushing or combing can lead to hair loss. Remeber to opt for a wide tooth comb. (Also read: What are the combing mistakes that you are making every day)

Avoid curling, blow-drying or straightening
It is important to avoid dry heat for your hair in winters. Your hair is struggling to maintain the moisture as it is, direct dry heat can cause further damage.  (Also read: Easy to do hairstyles for girls with thin hair)

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