What are the amazing benefits of sandalwood powder for skin

What are the amazing benefits of sandalwood powder for skin

Sandalwood is one of the most natural and pure methods of treating the skin. It is antiseptic in nature and also antibacterial in nature. Over a long period of time, Ayurveda recommends the use of sandalwood powder for skin and many other skin infections. It helps to treat the various skin issues like rashes, acne, uneven skin tone etc. It helps to get rid of the skin tanning and also removes the dirt. Sandalwood powder can be used along with rose water and turmeric to treat various skin problems. (Also read: How to make sugar scrub at home and its benefits)

Here are some of the amazing benefits of sandalwood powder for skin:

Helps to treat pimples: Our skin is prone to produce sebum and oil. Excess production of this oil leads to acne on the skin. It clogs the pores and causes dirt to accumulate. Adda tablespoon of sandalwood of powder with a little turmeric and a teaspoon full of milk.

Helps to get rid of wrinkles: Sandalwood helps to get rid of wrinkles. It helps to dismiss the signs of ageing that appears on the skin. Sandalwood helps to keep the skin firm and supple at the same time. It even helps to restrict the appearance of signs of premature ageing completely. (Also read: How To Do Pedicure With Natural Ingredients At Home)

Helps to get rid of dry skin: Sandalwood powder helps to remove the dry and flaky patches from the skin. It helps to make skin breathe and nourishes the skin with essential oils present in the paste.

Removes blemishes: The blemishing marks that occur on the skin after a pimple, acne or any other skin injury gets eradicated completely by using sandalwood powder. If you will mix it along with turmeric and some milk, it can do wonders to the skin.

Improves complexion: Sandalwood powder is highly effective in getting rid of uneven skin tone. Mix it with milk and add some almond powder in it. You will see the difference if you will use it twice a weak.

Helps in exfoliation: Sandalwood powder helps in exfoliation of skin effectively. So, mix a tablespoon of powder with black chickpea powder and rose water to make the pack more effective. It will give you fairer and glowing skin. (Also read: 5 Ways To Refine Your Beauty With Salt)

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