What are the amazing beauty benefits of Sweet lime or Mausambi

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beauty benefits of sweet lime

Amazing beauty benefits of sweet lime or mausambi

Mausambi or Sweet Lime is a popular fruit juice. This is a delicious citrus fruit. Mausambi or Sweet lime is the source of vitamin C. By including it in your diet, there are many health benefits but it also has many beauty benefits. It helps in removing skin related problems by improving skin’s health. Mausambi also contains many nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium. It can be used in a variety of manner to provide you with an amazing skin. The best part about using sweet lime in your beauty routine is that it is easily available everywhere. (Also read: Skin problems: Mint face pack to remove skin problems)

Sweet lime beauty benefits

  • Cleansing your face
  • Removing tanning
  • To remove the dark circle
  • To reduce the problem of the dark colour of lips

Cleansing your face
Mausambi or sweet lime is the source of Vitamin C and acts as a citrus cleansing agent. To cleanse your face with the sweet lime take two pieces of Mausambi or sweet lime and scrub them in a circular motion. Do this for 7-8 minutes. After that wash the face with water. (Also read: Natural Moisturizer: Using kitchen ingredients to moisturize the skin)

Removing tanning

Sweet lime:: Sweet lime can help you to reduce the tanning

To remove the tanning, the sweet lime peel is beneficial. To use it, grind the sweet lime peel and add turmeric and 1 teaspoon honey to it and make a paste. Let this paste stay on the face for 5 minutes. After that just wash the face with water. (Also read: Face scrub: Why men should use a face scrub)

To remove the dark circle

Beauty benefits of sweet lime or maushambi
Sweet lime: Sweet lime helps to reduce the dark circles

Mausambi or sweet lime is very beneficial to remove dark circles. To make use of this, make a paste by mixing half teaspoon Mausambi juice, 1 teaspoon banana paste, 1 teaspoon cucumber juice and 1 teaspoon Vitamin E gel. Allow this paste to cool for 3-4 minutes and keep the eyes closed for 10-12 minutes with the help of cotton ball. After that wash the area with water. (Also read: Dark Circles: How To Make Effective Eye Masks To Get Rid Of Dark Circles)

To reduce the problem of the dark colour of lips
Sweet lime juice can be used to remove the problem of blackness or rupture of lips. Apply the juice, 3 or 4 times a day for better results.

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