What are the post hair wash tips to get perfect hair

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Our hair gets too much exposed to heat and Sun. There is so much pollution in the environment that our hair gets damaged a lot. Therefore washing your hair is just not enough. Hair needs a proper treatment at home in order to protect them from damage. Too much exposure to dust, dirt and excess heat lead to make hair brittle, rough and dead. Eventually, the hair loses the natural shine and become dull. The markets contain enough products that protect your hair from damaging. However, these chemical products also tend to make the hair more rough and lifeless. Thus, one should use natural ways to make the hair strong and silky. (Also read: What is the right order to apply makeup on the face)

Here are few steps which people must follow right after washing their hair:

After you are done with your regular shampooing and conditioning hair, just do not leave them unattended. They still need some steps to be properly taken off.

Step 1: Drying hair: Once you are done with shampoo and conditioning of your hair. It’s a time when you should pat them dry. Don’t be too harsh on your hair. So gently wrap your hair in a towel and squeeze the excess water out. Make sure you don’t use dryer every day unless you are getting too late. Going out with wet hair leads to catching off a lot of dust. Therefore we should make sure, that our hair is dried properly.

Step 2: Oiling: Oiling is a mandatory step. Yes, you heard us right! Oiling is not just to enrich hair with necessary nourishment. Everyone will ask you to wash off hair right after applying oil. But the right trick is to nourish your hair with some oil after the wash. This will help to protect your hair from direct exposure to dust and heat. It will create a layer of protection on your hair. You don’t have to look like a frying head with a lot of oil. You can switch to grease free olive oil or avocado oil. (Also read: What are the natural ways to get thicker eyebrows)

Step 3: Untangling of hair: Right after you apply some oil, it becomes easy to untangle your hair. Oil helps to make your hair smooth and makes it easy to untangle them. It even leads to less hair breakage. Don’t be too harsh while untangling hair. However, you should use a comb with wide teeth to untangle your hair.

Step 4: De-frizzing your hair: Aloe Vera is one secret ingredient that helps to defrizz the hair. It is one of the best ingredients to make your hair full of life. Thus applying a little aloe vera gel on the hair will help to bring that shine back. (Also read: How sleeping on a silk pillow cover helps to improve skin and hair)

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