What are the easy ways to stop bleeding due to razor cuts for men

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what are easy ways to stop razor cuts bleeding for men

Every man uses razor blades to shave the beard and to clean his face of facial hair. The majority of office goers do shave regularly as it the hair on the face often look weird. Though shaving is important for every man. Unfortunately, sometimes the razor sweeps across the skin in awkward ways, cutting us and causing an unbelievable amount of bleeding. These razor cuts are quite painful and do not look good on the face. It is necessary for every man to use razors carefully. If you are worried about the bleeding caused by the cuts then there are many tips for you. There are many methods to stop bleeding from the shaving cuts. (Also read: A complete herbal skincare routine)

Let’s know how to stop bleeding from shaving cuts.

Lip balm or Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly is one of the best ways to stop bleeding from the razor cuts. The petroleum jelly helps to retain the moisture on the skin by creating a thin shell over your cut. If you don’t have petroleum jelly then you can also apply lip balms. The lip balms have key ingredients to stop bleeding.

Ice cubes
The ice cubes are very beneficial to restrict the bleeding from cuts. You have to directly apply the ice cubes on the cut. (Also read: How to remove blackheads with homemade scrub)

The mouthwashes are infused with alcohol, which benefits to stop bleeding from the razor cut. To stop bleeding with mouthwash, you apply a small amount of mouthwash on the cut and your bleeding will stop in few minutes.

Eye drops
Eye drops are easily available and quite useful to stop bleeding. The eye drops have natural astringent properties, which help to restrict blood from razor cuts. The eye drop will not cause any pain and fix the razor cuts.

The deodorant effectively stops the bleeding from razor cuts. The majority of deodorant contains aluminium chloride or a derivative of aluminium chloride like aluminium chlorohydrate. It acts as a hemostatic agent, allowing a blood clot to form quickly. (Also read: How To Make Vegetable Peel Facial At Home)

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