Six ways to make your hair colour last longer

Six ways to make your hair color last longer

Coloured hair has set a new trend in the fashion industry nowadays. Though there are a lot of harsh chemicals in the hair colouring products, still most of the people love to colour their tresses. Coloured hair needs a lot of care because when we apply chemicals on hair, they become dull and frizzy. They often lose the natural oil. Here are some tips one can follow to maintain healthy coloured hair for a long period of time.

Wash your hair properly before colouring: It’s necessary that you wash your hair and removes the excess oil from them before colouring. Stop using hair styling products as they make the hair dry and extract the natural oil from the scalp.

Avoid hot showers: Do not rinse your hair with warm water after colouring. This will make your hair more rough and dull. It will eventually extract the glow of the hair, making them unattractive. Instead, wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water, this will help to maintain the colour of the hair for long.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight: Sunlight extracts the natural oil from the hair. When our hair is coloured, they are more prone to damage. Already the natural oil starts diminishing from the hair. Thus, to avoid any further loss, try to cover your hair with a hat or a stole while you go out on Sun.

Avoid too much washing: Do not apply too much shampoo on your coloured hair. Reduce the frequency of washing hair. Avoid washing hair as much as you can. But don’t make your head a storehouse of dirt. You can reduce the number of times you wash your hair. Excessive washing will take away the colour from the hair.

Avoid excessive use of chemical products: One should reduce the use of chemical products on hair after the colouring process. Harsh chemicals damage hair at a faster pace. Avoid these chemicals as much as you can. You can instead switch to natural products to wash your hair and maintain the colour.

Avoid styling tools: Do not use hot styling tools in your hair daily. This will only lead to more breakage of hair and will only damage them. Keep them for occasions only.

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