How To Use Various Types Of Ubtan To Remove Tan At Home

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How To Use Various Types Of Ubtan To Remove Tan At Home

Applying ubtan is an Indian Traditional method to get a flawless skin naturally. It is made by all the natural and herbal ingredients. These ubtan are even more beneficial than any other market products. The goodness of natural ingredients helps to give us relief from all the skin problems. Tanning is the most common and annoying skin problem we all experience time to time. You may not know but these are various types of ubtan you can try to remove tanning easily from your skin. Thus, we are going to talk about various types of ubtan in the following for the same. (Also Read: What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Licorice Root Or Mulethi)

Turmeric and wheat flour ubtan:
If you want to remove tanning from your skin, turmeric and wheat four ubtan work the best. To make this, you have to take one spoon of gram flour, the same amount of wheat flour and turmeric in a bowl. If you do not have breakouts then use a half lemon to the bowl and apply this on your tanned skin. After keeping it for 15 minutes, wash your skin with warm water.

Fuller’s earth and cucumber ubtan:
Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti has a lot of beauty benefits and amazing to remove tan. To prepare an ubtan, take two spoons of cucumber juice and add one spoon of multani mitti into it. Mix them well and add one spoon of mint leaf juice also. Now apply this to your skin and remove after 20 minutes. (Also Read: What Are The Ways By Which You Can Make Your Waxing Less Painful)

Gram flour and potato juice:
When gram flour is there, you could hardly worry about any of your skin problems. Mixing it with a natural bleaching agent like potato juice is amazing. Take one bowl and add one spoon of wheat flour, gram flour, half spoon of turmeric and two spoons of potato juice. Mix this concoction well and apply on your skin.

Sandal ubtan:
As you all know that sandalwood has enormous beauty benefits. It removes tanning from the skin like anything. Also, it provides a cooling effect on the skin. So, to use an ubtan with sandalwood, take some gram flour and turmeric. If you have some rose water it will be icing on the cake. Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste with rose water. Apply this to your skin and get the benefits. (Also Read: How Can Swimmers Take Care Of Their Skin)

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