How to use Neem oil to get rid of the problem of dandruff

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How to use Neem oil to get rid of the problem of dandruff

The neem oil is obtained out of the neem fruits and the neem seed. It is a wonderful way to remove dandruff from the hair and the scalp. The neem oil not only reduces the problem of dandruff, it also helps to treat the scalp problems and itching on the scalp. There are many chemical treatments available on the market that claim to improve the health of the hair. However, these things are full of chemicals are not really healthy for the hair. The neem oil is a natural way to get rid of the dandruff problem. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of sprouts for skin)

Neem oil and apple cider
You can use the combination of application apple cider and neem oil to get rid of the problem of dandruff. When you are washing your hair use the apple cider. Let it stay then, wash the hair. Make sure you air dry your hair naturally and then apply the need neem oil to the hair and the scalp. This will reduce the problem of dandruff.

Low-Concentration Neem oil
This is an easy way to get rid of the problem of dandruff. Simply take the neem oil that is of low concertation and apply it to your scalp and hair. Let it stay for an hour then wash it off.  (Also read: How to make your own sunscreen at home)

A mixture of oils with neem oil
Take tea tree oil, basil oil and the neem oil. Make sure that the three of them are in equal amount. Then, simply apply this mixture on your scalp for 2 hours. Shampoo your hair after the two hours.

Dandruff and the scalp infection
If you are dealing with scalp infection as well as dandruff, then the neem oil is certainly amazing for it. For using the neem oil for it, mix the neem oil and powder of lemon cover. Then apply this solution on your scalp. It will control the infection. (Also read: How sprouts can help you to get amazing hair)

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