How to use hydrogen peroxide for nails fungus

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use hydrogen peroxide nails fungus

The fungus that occurs on the nails is called onychomycosis, which is a common problem. The fungus also reduces the beauty of your hands or feet and make them look weird. There are some symptoms such as yellowness, breakage, swelling of nails, and as long as the infection does not increase, there is no pain problem. This problem can be due to many factors like pH level abnormalities, immune system dehydration, excessive sweating in the legs, etc. To eliminate this problem and to increase the beauty of your hands and feet hydrogen peroxide can be used. Its anti-fungal, antiseptic, bleaching properties remove the fungus from the nails and prevent it from coming again. (Also read: How to make your nails grow stronger and longer)

Let’s know how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove nails fungus.

First method:

Immersed in hydrogen peroxide:
use hydrogen peroxide nails fungus
To use this method, mix equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water in a tub. Now immerse your fungus nails in this mixture. Take about 30 minutes after removing the nails from this mixture. After this, dry your nails with the help of tissue paper. Make sure your nails are well dried.

Related information: Use this remedy every day, as long as your nails are not completely free of the fungus. This process may take some time, so be patient. By using this remedy, nails get sufficient amount of oxygen, due to which the fungus starts withdrawing automatically. (Also read: What are the daily habits can cause acne)

Second method:

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar:

This remedy is very effective in removing the nail fungus. To adopt it, you have to adopt the above method for the first 10 minutes, but on the second day mix nicely with vinegar (vinegar) and water equal quantity. Similarly, one day uses hydrogen peroxide and on another day vinegar mixed with water.

Related information: Use this remedy every day, as long as your nails are not completely free of the fungus. Vinegar is of acidic nature, which improves pH level of nails. Along with this, it does not provide a comfortable atmosphere for the fungus to flourish.

Caution: Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide being used should be 3%, otherwise your nails may have a bad effect. Before getting done with the nails, dry them thoroughly. Keep them covered while going out. (Also read: How to create an easy anti-ageing face mask at home)

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