What Are The Unexpected Beauty Hacks Every One Should Know

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What Are The Unexpected Beauty Hacks Every One Should Know

There are various beauty hacks we read, watch and apply in our life. These days, doing a proper makeup or taking everyday care becomes quite difficult unless you are in this profession. So, we all prefer to use the hacks which are easy and work as the substitute for long-term makeup. Hence, we have come up with some unexpected and effective beauty hacks. Trust us,  these will take  5 minutes to apply. Hope you swear by these tips after using them. (Also Read: Why It Is Extremely Bad To Sleep With The Wet Hair)

Sleep with an eye mask:
Women generally crave for bigger and curled eyelashes. So, without using a lot of mascara and curler machine, how about making your lashes curled naturally? We have the solution for this. You can wear eye mask before sleeping. Just place the mask against your curled lashes. You have to press up your lashes while wearing it. Overnight curling will make your lashed look enlarged for a long time.

Apply vaseline before applying nail paint:
You can apply some amount of vaseline to your nails while applying a nail paint. It makes your nail paint stay longer and can even prevent the nail dryness. In short, Vaseline work like a manicure to the nails. It may take a bit longer time to dry out the colours but the fishing would be amazing to those beautiful nails. (Also Read: What Are The Alkaline Foods You Need In Winters To Nourish Your Skin)

Make the best use of shimmer powder:
Shimmer powder does not only make your cheeks shine, but it can be used in various makeup hacks. If are going to a party, you can make your lips look extra shimmery and shiny by adding those amazing cheek shimmers. It can enhance your entire look and can give you a shiny base. Hence, make the best of it.

Use baby powder to your oily hair:
If your scalp is oily, your root hair also looks oily and patchy with the appearance of dandruff. So, before going somewhere you can apply some small amount of baby powder. Apply this powder to those parts and blend them into your hair well, so that the whiteness does not visualise. This hack can make your hair look lustrous like before.

Water for drying up nail paints:
If you want to dry up your nail paint faster, you have to dip your nails into a bowl of water. It will help your nail paint get dried sooner. So, why waiting for a blow dryer to dry your nails? Just add water and set them free. (Also Read: What Are The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin B Which Promote Hair Growth)

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