Tips for tanned skin: How to makeup during tanning

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Tips to do makeup during tanning

Tips for tanned skin: The right way to reduce tanning

People are more concerned about their looks. But due to exposing to sun rays, people get tanned on the body and it is a matter of concern for them. People use a variety of products to overcome the problem of tanning, but due to lack of proper knowledge, they fail to reduce their tanning. To reduce tanning, first, you must know the correct way of makeup so that you can easily make your look attractive. If you do makeup in the wrong way during tanning then it may spoil your look. There is a different way of doing make-up for every skin and you should be aware of those ways. (Also read: Remove tan: How to remove tanning from the neck with easy home remedies)

Tips for tanned skin: Makeup tips that can reduce tanning

  • Avoid bright makeup
  • Use earth tone lipstick
  • Apply concealer
  • Use Highlighter
  • Nail paint
  1. Avoid bright makeup

    Makeup tips to reduce tanning
    Tips for tanned skin: How to reduce your tanning through make-up.

    This is a great makeup tip for tanned skin. Do not use bright makeup for a tanned skin because it makes your skin yellowish. Use darker or neutral makeup for a tanned skin.

  2. Use earth tone lipstick
    It is one of the best options to use earth tone lipsticks for a tanned skin. People with a tanned skin should use pink or orange colour lipstick. (Also read: What are the surprising ways you can use lipstick in your beauty routine)
  3. Apply concealer
    Concealer is a better way to hide dark circles and also reduces your tanning. Always try to use non-oily concealer because it fits your colour.
  4. Use highlighter
    Highlighter makes your look attractive and also reduces tanning. Try using the warm colour highlighter for the tanned skin as it does not give dull look to your skin. (Also read: Eye makeup tips: The right way to apply the eyeshadow perfectly)
  5. Nail paint
    People with tanned skin should use metallic colours nail paint such as orange, violet or red.

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People with a tanned skin need to makeup carefully so they get attractive looks. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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