Tips for black hair: Easy tips to keep hair black

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Tips to prevent grey hair

Tips for black hair: How to prevent grey hair

People are more concerned about hair because they make their appearance attractive. Unfortunately, nowadays people face many hair related problems like premature grey hair, hair fall, dandruff and many other. Out of these hair problems, prematurely grey hair is very common. There are several reasons for this hair problems and the major reasons are hormonal changes in the body, genetics, pollution or unhealthy food. Apart from this, due to the use of more chemical products on the hair, the hair turns grey. Moreover, the chemical present in the products affects your scalp which causes hair loss. To keep hair black, you need to take care of many things and need to make changes in your daily routine. (Also read: Apply Mehndi on hair: Step by step guide to apply henna for the grey hair )

Tips for black hair: Easy tips to keep your hair black.

  • Hot oil massage
  • Reduce the use of heating products
  • Drink more water
  • Eat Oats
  • Stop smoking
  1. Hot oil massage

    Hot oil massage is beneficial of hair.
    Tips for black hair: Hot oil massage prevent grey hair.

    Hot oil massage on the scalp is one of the best solutions to keep hair black. You can use any oil coconut or almond oil. These oils help keep your hair black and make your hair dense too. (Also read: How is hot oil massage extremely beneficial for hair)

  2. Reduce the use of heating products
    By using heating products regularly, hair starts to turn grey before time. This affects your scalps, causing hair to be damaged. Therefore, stop using these products regularly for hair. (Also read: How To Avoid Hair Damage From Ironing And Blow Drying)
  3. Drink more water
    Drinking more water keeps your body hydrated. It is also beneficial for your dark hair. Apart from this, water also hydrates your scalp, which also reduces the problem of hair loss. So drink 3-4 litres of water daily.
  4. Eat Oats

    Grey hair problem can be prevented by consuming oats.
    Tips for black hair: Consumption of oats can prevent grey hair.

    Oats contain biotin. Biotin helps keep your hair black. The consumption of oats helps to turn white hair into black.

  5. Stop smoking
    Smoking enhances free radicals in your body. These free radicals are the main reasons for hair whitening before time. Quitting smoking will not only save your hair from being white but also improves overall health.

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Grey hair is the very common problem. People make many attempts to black the hair, but due to some mistake, they fail. By following these few simple tips, you can prevent this problem. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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