Things to keep in mind before buying an eye cream

Things to keep in mind before buying an eye cream

Your eyes are considered as the most important part of the face. But unfortunately, the skin enveloping eyes age 10 years faster than the rest of the skin on the face. This happens due to the fact that skin around eyes is relatively thinner in comparison to the skin from other parts. It contains less collagen, which leads to wrinkle and fine lines. Every time you smile or squint, it leads to further damage to the skin of your eyes. Sometimes due to the lack of proper diet and a healthy sleeping cycle, dark circles appear under the eyes making them more prone to early ageing process. This is why people quickly switch to eye creams to take a good care of the eyes. [Also read: Basic Step By Step Skincare Routine For beginners]

Things to keep in mind while buying an eye cream:

The skin around eyes is the driest area on the body. This happens due to lack of pores. Due to regular chemical products, it becomes further dry. To fix this issue buy an eye cream with humectants. It will help to maintain the moisture.

Dark circles
If you have a bad case of dark circles, it can be considered to be a major skin flaw. To tackle this, look for an eye cream that has soy peptides as well as yeast protein to help you remove the dark circles. [Also read: How To Stop Yourself From Popping Pimples]

If the fine lines and the crows’ feet under your eyes are very visible then you need an eye cream to take care of the ageing process. For this, pick a cream that mentions about wrinkle smoother and retinol. Due to UV rays, the skin of the eyes becomes further weak, if that is the case then look for IPL treatment. The IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a treatment to make the skin tighter, smoother and wrinkle free. [Also read: How is coffee useful for hair]

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