Taking loofah bath can be harmful too

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Taking loofah bath can be harmful too

Have you ever thought that if you are taking bath in the right way? There could be certain mistakes which you might have been making while taking bath. Using the inappropriate loofah or washcloth is one such mistake you should stop.

Check if you are using the loofah wrong
Of course, the spongy loofah functions as a great exfoliator. It helps to remove the dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth and conditioned. If you are using it 2-3 times a week it would result in improving the blood circulation. It can also be beneficial in skin’s excretory function.
Before using the loofah, you should definitely clean it. Abrasive in nature, loofa can harbour bacteria, mould and germs as they love moisture thus pose serious health threats.

Problematic microorganisms

Mostly, loofahs contain two types of organisms which can be problematic to our body. One is Acinetobacter which can cause wound infections, boils, and conjunctivitis.  While the latter one is yeast which brings rashes around the mouth.

They bring infections

The infections caused by loofahs can be seen in many ways. You can see nicks and cuts on your skin which happens after shaving. This could be a serious infection. Loofah caused infections can also show up as red bumps, yellow-oozing and crusting on a red base usually.

Don’t share loofa

You should never share your loofahs or bath cloths with anyone. This can bring to transmit skin diseases. So, it’s very dangerous.

Precautions to keep your loofah free from germ and bacteria

As a part of precautionary measures, it’s always advised to buy loofahs that are made of natural substances. Loofas made of synthetics can cause harms. They have to made kept to dry once it’s used so that you can use a dry one next time you take bath. They have to be kept in a dry place where they can’t catch moisture.

Similarly, you should soak it in a bleach solution on a regular basis so that you can eliminate the germs. And also replace your loofah every month.

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