How to take care of your skin at night in summer season

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How to take care of your skin at night in summer season

It is important to take of your skin in all season. However, when it comes to summers you have to be extra attentive to your skin. Due to the heat waves during summers, your skin can turn dry, dull and lifeless. Thus you constantly need to make sure that the summer season is not snatching away your glow. So, you have to care for the skin during the day as well as the night. The whole day your skin feels exhausted due to the impact of heat. There are certain things that can help you to get amazing skin in the morning. So, make sure you take out time in the night to take care of your skin. (Also read: How to get rid of dark underarms in 10 days)

Clean your face
It is not enough to just remove makeup from the face. You need to wash your face as well. Use a cleanser and lukewarm water to clean your face

If you feel the need to exfoliate the skin then it is advisable that you scrub it twice a week using the mild scrubbing process. To keep the skin healthy you need to remove the dead skin cells. Pay attention to pores and cheeks while exfoliating at night. (Also read: Effective turmeric face packs for different skin types)

Moisturising the skin
Remember to moisturize the skin night without fail. Without proper moisturising, the skin starts to lose the glow. Pick the moisturising tool according to your skin type.

Take care of your lips
In the summer season, you need to take care of your lips as well. So, before going to the bed you need to remove the dead skin cells with warm water and apply lip balm to them.

Sleep on your back
To avoid the problem of wrinkles on your face don’t sleep on your back. When you sleep in this posture your face is pushed towards the pillow and it increases the chances of skin wrinkles. So, keep your sleeping habits in check. (Also read: How to get a flawless skin using beetroot face packs)

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