How to take care of chapped and dry lips in winter

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take care chapped dry lips winter

People often face problems of dry and chapped lips during winters. You should take care of lips in every season as they don’t have any sweating glands. The chapped and dry lips become one of the most common problems during winters. There are many reasons that lead to chapped and dry lips including dehydration or using excessive chemical products. In this regard, it is important to take care lips before winter season arrives. And if you ignore your lip care then the situation turns worst and they start bleeding. The beautiful lips increase your confidence and at the same time, the chapped lips reduce your attractiveness. (Also read: What are the harmful side effects of using lipstick)

Let’s know how to take care of chapped and dry lips:


An exfoliation is a great option for dry and chapped lips. You should scrub at least once a week to care of your lips. After scrubbing, it is necessary to moisturize your lips. Brown sugar and honey work like a natural exfoliator.

Moisturize your lips before applying lipstick

Avoid using lipsticks in winter. If you can not resist using lipsticks, then apply moisturizing cream before applying lipstick. (Also read:  How to keep your lips beautiful and soft naturally)

Consume nutritious food and drink plenty of water

Dehydration is the biggest cause of chapped lips. Therefore, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. Apart from this, it is necessary to consume Vitamin-B and Vitamin-A in your diet. These vitamins will help to repair chapped lips.

Apply lip balm before sleeping

Apply lip balm to your lips before sleeping. It helps in maintaining the moisture of your lips. You can also apply honey on the lips before sleep as it works like lip balm. The honey contains antioxidant properties which help to moisturize the lips.

Avoid caffeine

Avoid consumption of coffee or black tea in the winter because it contains high amounts of caffeine, due to which the lips become chapped and dry. Apart from this, the caffeine also dehydrates the body which reduces the natural moisture content of the lips. (Also read: How to get the perfect red lipstick look)

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