How does sudden weight loss affect your hair

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How does sudden weight loss affect your hair

Hair fall is a common problem in men and women both. There can be many problems that come along with weight loss like split ends, dry skin, hair fall, dark circles etc. Due to the deficiency of nutrients, the amount of hair fall multiplies into a great number. when our body gets sufficient amount of nutrition, our hair and skin remain healthy. But dieting, in order to reduce weight makes the body deficient in various nutrients and minerals. Eventually, the hair starts falling off and become dry. Let’s discuss why does weight loss lead to hair fall. (Also read: Some quick steps to get rid of sunburn)

How does sudden weight loss affect your hair?

Lack of nutrition: People start following a diet in order to lose weight. This leads to many health issues. Dieting leads to a deficiency of necessary nutrients in the body which eventually leads to hair fall. The deficiency of iron and protein leads to hair fall.

Mental and physical stress: Mental and physical stress leads to weight loss. It eventually causes hair fall problems too. Besides this, unhealthy state of mind and body also leads to hair fall. Stress is extremely harmful to the body. (Also read: What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair)

Hereditary factor: Besides this, hereditary is another important factor that leads to hair fall. When your parents or any other member of the family has hair loss issues, then this must be your hereditary factor.

Hormonal changes: When we follow a diet to lose weight, we become successful in reducing our weight. However, there comes along a lot of health issues in the body. It leads to a lot of hormonal changes in the body. This is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Not just this, it also leads to dryness of hair, split ends, thinning of hair etc.

Thus, it is always advisable that if you want to lose weight you must follow a healthy diet plan. Consult your dietician before following any diet plan to prevent the problem of hair fall. (Also read: Best ayurvedic face pack for the refreshing and beautiful skin)

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