How to stop spreading and smudging of kohl

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stop spreading smudging kohl

The majority of women do not like to step out from home without makeup. The one of the important makeup product is kohl, which is also popularly known as Kajal. The Kohl makes the eyes more beautiful and also adds charm the beauty. Though it adds charm to the beauty of women, the most women complain about the spreading and smudging of Kajal. This problem cause more trouble for the women, who have oily skin. If you are also facing problems of smudging and spreading of kajal then there is the solution for you. (Also read: How to get the perfect natural look using makeup)

Let’s know how to save your kohl from spreading and smudging.

Clean the skin around the eyes first

Before applying the Kajal, firstly clean your eyes and the surrounding skin with the help of a cotton wipe so that the excess oil and sweat is cleared. If your skin is more oily then rub the eyes around the eyes with the help of ice cubes before applying kohl.


Applying powder around the eyes and the eyelids before applying kohl. For this, you can use compact or regular powder. Put a little powder on the eyes with the help of a brush. It will absorb excess oil and the kajal will not spread or smudge. (Also read: What are the common eyebrow mistakes)

Start applying kajal from outer corner of the eye

Most of the women apply kohl in the wrong way which leads to spreading and smudging of Kajal. If you start applying kohl from the inner corner of to the outer corner then stop doing this. Rather, apply kajal in the small stroke from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

Do not apply kajal at the corner of the eyes

If you have more water in your eyes or moisture in your eyes, then it is better that you do not apply kajal on the corner of your eyes.This will lead to watery eyes and your kajal will get smudged. So apply dark kohl in the centre of your eyes and apply light kajal on the corner if required.

Set the eyeshadow

After applying the Kajal if you don’t take any measures then it spreads. If you are not using eyeshadow for the eyelid then use the eyeshadow to set the kajal. Take the eyeshadown similar to the shade of the Kajal and place it on top of a kohl with the help of a flat brush. This will not spread the kohl and make it long lasting.

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