Why steam is beneficial to keep your hair healthy

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steam beneficial keep hair healthy

Steam is beneficial for making skin beautiful and flawless skin, the same way it is very beneficial for the hair. The steam provides moisturiser to hair to make them healthy and dense. When the hair does not get nourishment then they become stiff, lifeless and two-faced. The steam helps to eliminate other hair problems. The steam also increases the natural oil in the scalp and improves hair health. You will avail more benefits of steam if you massage your hair with lukewarm oil. (Also read: What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making)

Let’s know how steam is beneficial for hair:

Open hair follicles
If you take steam before massaging the oil on the head, then it opens the closed pores of the scalp. If the pores of your scalp are closed then the oil does not move in the root of the hair due to which hair does not get nourishment. So, if you take steam before massage then your scalp absorb the oil which makes hair strong.

For the hairstyle
If hair are scattered, it is very difficult to make any hairstyle. By steaming the hair, they gain moisturiser, which helps to make a hairstyle in a simple manner.  (Also read: How To Get Rid Of The Dark Skin Around Lip And Chin)

Keeps the scalp clean
The scalp pores get closed due to the accumulation of dust in the scalp, for which only washing head is not enough. By taking steam, these pores get open up and thus the dust gets eliminated.

Hair grow rapidly
Dirt that gets accumulated in the scalp causes hair problems and hinders the growth of hair. If you take steam then the pores of the scalp get opened up and the hair grows fast.

How to steam at home:

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