Some quick steps to get rid of sunburn

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Some quick steps to get rid of sunburn

The name sunburn itself suggests that the skin has been burnt due to the excessive heat of the Sun. Sunburn makes your skin lifeless and dull. It snatches out the natural oil of the skin and makes it look dehydrated. As a result, when the skin comes in direct contact with the Sun, it eventually harms it. It burns the skin from inside out to an extent that it causes redness and inflammation. It is thus, very important for you to protect your skin while you go out in the Sun. Staying well-hydrated while you go out in Sun is the best way to avoid Sunburn problem. Let’s discuss some quick tips to get rid of the Sunburn. (Also read: What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair)

Some quick steps to get rid of sunburn:

  • Always apply the sunblock or the sunscreen 30-minutes before you go out in Sun. It will help the lotion to dive deep into your skin and protect it properly. The sunscreen penetrates through your skin and it will provide a shield to your skin.
  • Make sure you apply it evenly to your body. Especially to the areas which will be directly exposed to the Sun. Your ears, neck, hands, feet, face, back etc. should be properly layered with the sunblock. (Also read: Best ayurvedic face pack for the refreshing and beautiful skin)
  • Try to cover your body with the clothes. We all know summer is the time when you can wear the short dresses and sleeveless tops. However, be wise while you go out in Sun. You should try to cover up yourself with a scarf or a jacket to protect your skin from getting burnt.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. It will help to keep your body well hydrated and will retain the water in the body. This will also help you feel energetic and will maintain the level of water required by the body. You can also drink a glass of fresh lime or fruit juice to have a glowing and well-hydrated skin.
  • Carry an umbrella while there is too much heat outside. Make sure you shield your eyes by wearing sunglasses. This will help to protect the eyes from getting dry and heated.
  • Always carry your water bottle along with you to avoid the dehydration in the body. (Also read: How curd helps to get a glowing and bright skin)
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