8 best foods for glowing and refreshing skin

best foods for glowing and refreshing skin

The markets are flooded with ample of chemical based products that claim to provide beautiful natural glowing skin. But all these promises are fake and false. There is nothing as good as natural food products that could bless our skin. So we do not need the harsh chemical based material for our skin. We should go all natural and enjoy the glowing skin with no side effect.  No matter what, the natural beauty of the skin can only enhance with the consumption of natural food products. (Also read: Amazing Milk Face Packs for Glowing And Healthy Skin)

Here is the list of some best food to get glowing and refreshing skin:

Olive oil: Benefits of olive oil are not hidden from any of us. It has a wide range of skin, hair and health benefits. Olive oil is antioxidant in nature which controls the free radical movement of the cells in the body. It thus prevents the skin from showing the signs of ageing.

Oats: Oats is one of the healthiest food products. It helps the body to make more of the androgens as it contains natural sugar and good carbohydrates. It is also rich in proteins and even aids the weight loss program. (Also read: Health benefits of eating an oatmeal in breakfast)

Tomatoes: Tomatoes prevent the skin from sun burn and keep it healthy and glowing. Consumption of tomatoes in diet or applying tomato face pack is best to get radiating skin. However, it is antioxidant in nature and produces lycopene which helps to improve the SPF level of the skin.

Green tea: Green tea provides many health and skin benefits. It provides essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin and improves the blood flow. Thus it helps to keep the skin naturally healthy and glowing.

Walnuts: It is one of an essential food product for vegetarians. In order to nourish the body with proteins and Omega3 fatty acid, one should eat walnuts daily. It also prevents the skin from many allergies and breakouts.

Almond milk: Milk is the richest source of essential vitamins and minerals. And when it is almond milk, its nutritious value doubles. Thus one should consume almond milk daily to maintain the natural glow on the skin.

Water: Water is the solution to almost all the health related problem. Our skin and body need to remain hydrated to maintain the glow and natural radiance. It does not contain any sugar which could lead to breakouts or make the skin more prone to acne.

Kiwi: Kiwi is a great fruit to eat. It improves the blood flow in the body. However, rich in vitamin C, it helps to make skin wrinkle free and soothes it down. (Also read: Amazing Natural Face Toners For Glowing Skin)

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