Some Common Skincare Myths For Both Men And Women

Some Common Skincare Myths For Both Men And Women

Men generally ignore the skincare part in their lives. They hardly spend any time to use a skin cream or any type of facial care. Even if some of the men do, they are unaware of the exact measure or technique to care about their skin. General advice on skin and hair can backfire you overnight. It can make your skin get breakouts and patches. But, men are men, they will never change. Even many women are also unaware of right skin care techniques. A little bit of research on skin care has no harm, rather it will help your skin become healthy. So, we have come up with some of the beauty and grooming myths, which most of the men are unaware of. So, here we go with the myths of skin care which you think is true. (Also Read: Basic Step By Step Skincare Routine For beginners)

#Myth: Fairness creams can make you fairer
#Fact: Is this so? In a broader perspective, there is no cream or magical potion that can turn dark to fair. My friend! You are under the trap of commercial tactics of products and brands. However, these products can remove pigmentation or pimples but when it comes to making skin fairer, none of the products are eligible to do this. The main concern is, why to chase products for fairer skin?

#Myth: No need of sunscreens on a cloudy day
#Fact: Sunscreen is a necessary product. Even if the weather is cloudy. The heat of the sun is enough to make you tan. It is not mandatory you will get the tan when the direct sun rays are catching you. You have to apply sunscreen during the day time. (Also Read: Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men)

#Myth: High SPF amount is high in protection
#Fact: UVA, UVB and UVC are the different types of UV rays. UVB rays can affect our skin normally and UVC rays get absorbed in the atmosphere, it does not come to us. But, UVA rays are the most harmful which causes a deep tan on our skin. However, the sunscreens only contain protection of UVB rays. They are unable to protect us from UVA rays. So, you should go for sunscreens with at least SPF 15 protection.

#Myth: No moisturiser needed for oily skin
#Fact: None of the skin types is immune to dryness. If you have oily skin then also you have to use moisturisers on daily basis. Although, you have to wash your face first before applying the moisturiser because there is no point of using a cream on a creamy face. After washing if you rub your face with a towel and then do not apply a cream, your face will be so much dry and dull. So, use a moisturiser always, even if you have oily or combined skin. (Also Read: Amazing Body Hair Removal Methods For Men)

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