How slap therapy helps to get a flawless skin

How slap therapy helps to get a flawless skin

Korean people are famous in the world for their smooth and wrinkle free skin. Their beauty treatments are the most sought in the world. One of the most popular beauty treatment in the Korean skin treatments is the use of slapping technique for facial. It might sound very surprising, but this skin treatment is gaining popularity due to its wonderful results. Slapping your face while putting on the skin care products helps to increase their impact. This skin treatment method appears very strange and confusing but it has a great impact on the skin. It makes the skin appear radiant and smoother. While trying this method it is important to understand the right technique to get it done in the right way.  (Also read: How is papaya beneficial for skin and hair)

How the slapping facial method help the skin?

This different method of slapping helps to shrink the pores in the skin. When you are applying the skin care products, the slapping technique helps the skin to absorb them better. It makes the skin smooth and reduces the wrinkles on it.

However, this method doesn’t mean slapping your face in a harsh way, it refers to gentle strokes. This helps to increase the blood circulation. It is an anti-aging way to make the skin appear younger and healthier. The sudden motion helps to open the energy lines which leads to firm skin. (Also read: How To Lighten Dark Upper Lip Area)

How to do it at home?
First of all, you need to clean your skin with water and then wipe it with a soft towel. You need to stay gentle with your skin consequently keeping it safe from any kind of red marks. Then, select the skin care products that you wish to use. Start applying the skin care products using your finger tips. Briskly pat the skin in a circular and upward motion.

Be careful with the pressure, the slapping should be gentle so that it helps the skin. However, if you are too rough it will harm the skin. Apply the products thoroughly and gently.
This simple method can improve your skin a wonderful way.  (Also read: How to give yourself manicure at home)

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