Skincare For Men: Why Men Need A Separate Skincare Routine

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skincare for men why men need separate skincare

Skincare for men will be incomplete without a separate skincare routine. PC:

Skincare for men: Those days have gone when men used to pick a normal soap and used to wash their face. Now men are conscious of their look and their skin. After becoming aware of the need for skincare, men gradually understood that they need a separate skincare routine for themselves. In fact, the demand for man’s skincare products is increasing day by day. From face wash to face packs, men can find every single product in the market as per their need? So, why do you still use those women-centric products? You must know why men need a separate skincare routine. (Also Read: Face scrub: Why men should use face scrub)

Why Men Need A Separate Skincare Routine?

  • The thicker skin
  • The excessive outdoor travel
  • Shaving is a huge factor
  • The higher testosterone level
  • The normal skincare products

The thicker skin:
Men! There is no doubt that your skin is thicker than women. The fact behind this is, man’s skin produces more collagen and elastin which regulates the thickness and the texture of the skin. In that, that is the reason your skin ages at a slower rate as opposed to women. So, there should not be any doubt that there should be separate skincare for men. (Also Read: How Men Can Remove Blackheads From Their face)

The excessive outdoor travel:

Men has separate skincare routine
Men should have a separate skincare routine for various reasons.

Men stay outdoor more than women. So, your skin experience pollution, diet, air and of course UV rays more than women. These things can make your skin suffer from premature ageing, skin damage. Thus, your skincare products should be different in ingredients and intensity.

The higher testosterone level:
Man’s skin is much oilier than woman’s skin. This happens because man’s body has the way higher amount of testosterone than women. For this, they often experience excessive oil production and consequently, more skin problems. So, it is clear that men need separate skincare routine and products. (Also Read: Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men)

Shaving is a huge factor:

Skincare for men
Shaving makes a huge difference in men’s skin.

Shaving is another factor to make a separate skincare routine for men. Regular shaving brings more ingrown hair, rashes, irritation, razor burn, bleeding etc. These things can lead to acne, pimples, harshness etc. In fact, sometimes this can become extra sensitive also. But women are away from these problems so they tend to have a softer and clearer skin. So, why not men have a separate skincare routine?

The normal skincare products:
The normal skincare products you get in the market mostly contain vitamins A, C and E, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol. These are important for woman’s skin texture. But if you think that these products will work the same way on your skin, you are wrong. You may need the same products but in different intensities. So, go for men special products which have the right intensity and amount of the ingredients present inside.

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So, men! what do you think now? Don’t you think skincare for men will be ruined if you still your spouses’ skincare products? It is not about showing your masculinity by using men-specific products, it is all about understanding the need of your skin. Read this article in Hindi also.

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