Skincare : How does hidden sugar in the foods damage your skin

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Food products that harm the skin

Some food products have hidden sugar in them which damages the skin and make it dry.

Skincare: We all love to eat sweets. Chocolates, cakes, candies etc. are almost everyone’s favourite but the sugar present in them affects your skin in the worst manner. Too much consumption of sugar is harmful to the skin. Most of the people don’t even know that excess sugar is harmful not only for the body but for the skin too. Too much consumption of sugar leads to the problem of acne on the skin, dry and lifeless skin and fatigue on the eyes etc. Besides this, an excess of sugar declines the elasticity of the skin and our skin tends to become loose. Thus, it is necessary to consume a healthy diet and protect your skin from the harshness of the sugar. Let’s discuss what are the food products that cause damage to the skin. (Also read: How does excess sugar harm our body)

Which food products are sweet in nature and harms the skin

  • Fruit juice
  • Bread
  • Alcohol
  • Cereals
  • Salad toppings

Fruit juice
When you blend the fruits to get the juice out of them, all the fibres and nutrients get spoiled. It becomes the source of concentrated sugar. The fruit juice available in the market is even more loaded with the sugar. They are full of artificial sweeteners.


Food products that harm the skin
Bread contains sugar which harms the skin and makes it dull and dry.

White bread contains refined carbs and thus, it is not healthy for the body. But do you guys know that even brown bread or grain bread also has hidden sugar in them? The sugar is added to the bread to activate the yeast. You can eat wheat crackers instead of eating bread. (Also read: Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread)


Food products that harm your skin
Too much consumption of alcohol damages the skin and makes it dull and dry.

Alcohol bottle does not have a food label on it thus, most of you do not know that alcohol has sugar content in it. It has a rich amount of sugar content in it. It not only affects your body but also your skin in the worst way possible.

Many people love to eat cereals in the breakfast. Though they are considered as healthy food products, they contain artificial sweeteners and flavours that harm the skin.

Salad toppings
Salads contain a lot of healthy vegetables that are good for the overall health of the body. But the dressings and the toppings of the salads contain sugar. A tsp of toppings contain almost 5grams of sugar. Thus, when you prepare a salad at home, use a topping with less sugar and more of olive oil. (Also read: How the consumption of sugar increases your weight)

All these above-mentioned food products contain sugar which harms the skin. It is not always mentioned in the food products that they contain added sugar. Thus, take precautions before consuming them in excess. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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