What are the signs that your makeup has expired

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What are the signs that your makeup has expired

Everything has one expiry date and after that, it becomes harmful or of no use. Likewise, your makeup also has an expiry date and after that specific time it becomes extremely harmful to your skin and it may affect your body parts in the worst way possible. Makeup products contain chemicals which may be highly harmful to your body. Many people do not pay much attention towards the expiry date of the makeup products and often keep using them even after their expiry. Be it your eyeliner, face powder, cream or your foundation, all of them have an expiry date. Let’s discuss when is it alright to use the same makeup product. (Also read: Why does our hair fall when we sweat excessively)

What are the signs that your makeup has expired?

Mascara: Mascara is used to make your eyelashes long and to increase their volume. In order to stay away from the risk of eye infection, you must change it after every 3 months. It brush of mascara might contain bacteria thus it is essential to replace it after a specific period of time.

Eyeliner: Most of the girls use eyeliner to give a definition to their eyes. If you use a liquid eyeliner then you must change it after every 6 months. However, pencil eyeliner has a longer life than the liquid one. You can use pencil eyeliner for a year. (Also read: How is hot oil massage extremely beneficial for hair)

Foundation: Liquid foundation has the possibility of growth of bacteria in it thus one should use it for only one year. If you want to prolong the life of your foundation, then you must not insert your finger into it and do not keep it unlid for a long time. You can also use a pump or a tube foundation.

Lipstick: The preservatives present in the lipstick remain fresh for a year and after that, they start damaging. You must change your lipstick after a year.

Nail polish: The chemicals present in nail polish start damaging after one year. Also, it starts drying after a year. This harms your nail health. Thus, one must keep changing the nail colour once they get dry or become too thick. (Also read: A complete herbal skincare routine)

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