What Are The Side Effects Of Using Waxing Strips

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Waxing Strips

There may be very few women who never use waxing strips to remove body hair. Actually, using strips are considered to be the best way to remove every small hair from your body. Not only this, waxing plugs all the hair from its roots and it takes some time to regrow the hair in the same place. That is why people use wax strips. But, this most popular hair removal way has a lots of side effects. Those who have sensitive skin may suffer from some skin reactions if they use strips quite often. Hence, have a look at the following: (Also Read: What Are The Hair Colouring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making now)

Skin reactions:
When you apply hot wax or cold wax on your skin, the wax material can make your skin react weirdly. Bumps, redness and swelling can be a part fo these skin reactions. Allergies and various type of pimples also can come up. The ready-made wax trips can be harmful too as these strips contain chemicals to make them long-lasting.

Waxing without pain is impossible. It is natural that when you pull off your hair, your skin will also be pulled which triggers pain. There is no other way you can wax your body without pain. In fact, sometimes your body gets blood clots as striping hair sucks the blood and skin too. (Also Read: How To Avoid Hair Damage From Ironing And Blow Drying)

Ingrown Hair:
Ingrown hair is an annoying problem happens to some people who usually go for waxing strips to remove their hair. This happens when the first hair application does not pull all hair clearly. This leads to broken hair inside the skin layer. Moreover, this process usually leaves the body with painful red bumps.

Waxing strips usually take off the extreme last layer fo the skin. That is why it removes the tan from the skin too. But the worst part is, waxing removes the small pieces of your skin’s surface and leaves you more susceptible to germs and eventually infection. Make sure you use these strips in a very hygienic manner. Always keep an anti-infective water solution for you to apply after waxing.

Some people experience bleeding from very small pores of the skin. It happens because of the pulling of hair. Sometimes the hair pulling harms the skin and pulls out blood which may cause infection and inflammations too. That is why remember to use an anti-infective water solution after waxing. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Facial Bleaching)

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