What Are The Side Effects Of Facial Bleaching

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What Are The Side Effects Of Facial Bleaching

If you ask anyone that how to make your face more bright and how to remove tan they will say get the bleaching done. Most of us bleach the skin to get a brighter look and to get rid of the tan etc. It is a very common process. There are many bleach brand available in the market and people use them often on their face. But, do you how harmful facial bleaching is? If you use it quite often, your skin can be damaged badly. You will suffer from a lot of reactions on your face. Not only this, here we are listing the side effects of facial bleaching. Hope this will help you to do facial bleaching moderately. (Also Read: What Are The Vegetables Help Your Hair Grow Instantly)

When you put the bleach on your skin, it takes 10-15 minutes to colour hair facial hair make you look brighter. But, the effect of the chemical can cause irritation and redness on your face. If your skin is sensitive then these reactions can appear more intensively.

Effects on eyes:
When you put bleach on your skin, it leaves a pungent smell and the fumes. It does not just make your skin itchy, but the fumes can make your eyes watery and red. This effect lasts for a long time even after washing your face. But if mistakenly your eyes come in the contact with the product, rush to the doctor and take out the chemical from your eyes. (Also Read: Some Common Natural Skin Care Mistakes You Make Unknowingly)

Skin discolouration:
Do you know if you do bleaching quite often, it can make your skin discoloured permanently? The chemical present in bleach can promote loss of hair pigments and leave your facial hair permanently white. But, if you add a little bit more amount of the activator on your face, it can make your skin appear white and discolour it gradually.

Facial Allergies:
While buying the pack of bleach, check the ingredients and make sure you don’t have an allergy to any of its components. By chan, e if you get redness, itchy rashes and swelling after applying the bleach, discontinue use and talk to your doctor. (Also Read: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally)

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