Shower mistake: Which shower mistake affects your health

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Some shower mistake bad for health

Shower mistakes: Which shower mistakes are bad for health

To stay fresh, neat and clean, you need to many things like brushing your teeth, wash your hand and bathing. Bathing is the main preference. Everyone starts their day after bathing. However, some people prefer a shower while other prefer a shower. Bathing and shower remove the dead cells of skin and dirt. The bathing and shower also eliminate the bacteria accumulated on the body due to sweating and other things. In this regard, it is important to take shower in a proper manner as the improper shower affects the health. You must be aware of the health problems triggered by the improper shower. (Also read: Shower gel: How to make olive oil shower gel)


Shower mistake: Let’s know which shower mistake affects your health.

  • Skipping shower after the workout
  • Don’t take contrast showers
  • Don’t take a shower and wash our hair every day
  • Wrapping our wet hair in a towel
  • Not cleaning the shower head
  1. Skipping shower after the workout

    Never skip shower after workout
    Shower mistake: Skipping shower after a workout is bad for health.

    Skipping shower after the workout may cause the rash. Some people take shower after the workout to eliminate the smell of sweating. But there are many other reasons as well for taking shower like the production of bacteria due to sweating cause rash. It is important to take shower after the workout.

  2. Don’t take contrast showers
    Many never take a contrast shower which is bad for health. Taking a contrast shower is beneficial for health. Turn on the cold shower 30 seconds, before you finish your shower. This will relieve your stress and make your immune system strong as well as work as an anti-depressant. (Also read: Cold shower benefits: Why cold shower is great for your health)
  3. Don’t take a shower and wash our hair every day
    Many people wash hair every day cause many health hairs related problem. People should avoid washing hair every day who have thin or weak hair. To avoid hair related problem wash hair twice a week.
  4. Wrapping our wet hair in a towel
    Hair becomes vulnerable and easy to break. To avoid this, never wrap the wet hair with the towel after the shower. Let’s the dry naturally or pat with a towel.
  5. Not cleaning the shower head
    Plaque on the shower is bad for health. The bacteria on the shower head cause lung diseases. In this regard always clean the head of the shower.

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There are certain shower mistakes, which affects your health you must be aware of these mistakes in order to prevent the problems. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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