Shower gel: How to make olive oil shower gel

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How to made shower gel at home

Shower gel: Ways to make shower gel at home

Shower with shower gel makes you more refreshing after the work. Many people use shower gel available in the market. The mostly shower gel available in the market contain chemicals, which may cause side effects. The excessive use of these shower gel cause dryness and other skin related problems. To prevent skin related problems, you can also prepare shower gel at home. You can prepare shower gel at home with olive oil. Olive works as an excellent moisturizer and it can nourish skin very well. The vitamin and antioxidants present in olive oil protect skin from damages and also reduce premature ageing symptoms. (Also read: Cold shower benefits: Why cold shower is great for your health)

Shower gel: Let’s know how to make olive oil shower gel at home.

  • Raw honey
  • Olive oil
  • Liquid castile soap
  • Essential oils
  • Method to prepare
  1. Raw honey

    Honey is beneficial for skin
    Shower gel: Honey is beneficial for skin

    Honey is quite famous for it skin-related benefits. It keeps the skin hydrated and also contain antibacterial properties, which prevent skin infections. To reap maximum benefits use raw honey. (Also read: How to take shower in the right way)

  2. Olive oil
    Olive contains nutrients which promote the health of the skin. Use extra virgin olive oil for the better result.
  3. Liquid castile soap
    This soap is necessary to use in homemade shower gel. This soap increases the cleansing properties of the shower gel.
  4. Essential oils
    You can choose essential oil. The essential oil adds the pleasant aroma to the shower gel. However, don’t add the extra amount of essential oil.
  5. Method to prepare shower gel
    To make homemade the shower gel, mix all these ingredients in a glass bowl. However, before mix, all the ingredients mix olive with essential. Mix properly all the ingredients and put it in the jar. Store the jar away from the heat and sunlight. This shower gel lasts for a long time.

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Instead of using market-based shower gel, you can prepare shower gel at home. The shower gel provides adequate nutrients to the body. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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