Sensitive skin care: Mistakes which are harmful for a sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin: One must take care of the sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin care: It is necessary to take care of the sensitive skin. Using any wrong products can prove extremely harmful to the skin. A sensitive skin is more prone to rashes, itching, inflammation etc. Thus, taking care of the sensitive skin is difficult too. Some mistakes are extremely harmful to a sensitive skin. Therefore, we must try not to do those mistakes and should take care of the skin in a proper way. Let’s discuss which mistakes we must avoid protecting our sensitive skin. (Also read: How to Take Care of the Sensitive Skin)

Sensitive skin care: Which mistakes should be avoided on a sensitive skin?

  • Sleeping with makeup on
  • Eating too many sweets
  • Scrubbing too much
  • Not applying sunscreen
  • Using too much foundation

Sleeping with makeup on

How does skincare mistake harm the sensitive skin
Sensitive skin: Applying makeup and sleeping leads to skin breakout.

Makeup products contain harmful chemicals. Applying and sleeping with makeup on the face leads to block the skin pores. It leads to breakouts, inflammation and impacts the skin tones.

Eating too many sweets
If you have sensitive skin then you must do not eat sweets in an excessive amount. Sugar particles impact the collagen of the skin. It makes the skin puffy, thus one must not eat sugar in an excess amount.

Scrubbing too much
One should remain careful while touching the sensitive skin. Scrubbing skin leads to rashes, swelling etc. on the skin. Thus, one must not scrub the sensitive skin. Only scrub once in a while.

Not applying sunscreen
Not applying sunscreen on the skin leads to sunburn and tanning. Avoiding sunscreen also leads to sun damage of the skin. Thus, one must apply sunscreen lotion on the face.

Using too much foundation
Too much foundation on the face closes the skin pores and leads to skin break out. If you have a sensitive skin then one must apply a light foundation which has some moisturiser in it.

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These are some of the most common sensitive skin mistakes one must avoid. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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