Round face makeup tips: How to do makeup on the round face perfectly

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what are the makeup tips for girls with round face

Round face makeup tips: Girls with round face should highlight their face properly.

Round face makeup tips: Girls who have round face often complaint a lot about looking chubby. Round face makes their face look bulkier than it actually is. Due to the fat on the cheeks and round chin, the face looks heavy. But, you need not worry. There are some effective makeup tips which will help you to get the perfect makeup by covering up your fat areas on the face. The art of contouring and highlighting is such which gives the face a sharp look. Here are some makeup tips for girls with round face. (Also read: Applying Highlighter: Where should one apply highlighter on the face)

Round face makeup tips: Makeup tips for girls having a round face

  • How to contour
  • Highlighting the brows
  • The game of blush
  • Choose right hair-do

How to contour

essential makeup tips for people with round face
Makeup tips for round face: People with round face must contour the face properly.

One must contour the outer edges of the forehead along with the jawline and cheekbones. Make sure you do not contour your chin. This makes the face look round. Always choose the shade darker than your foundation. Start from your earlobes to give a good shape to your face.

Highlighting the brows
Make sure you do not forget to highlight your eyebrows. Give them an arched look and it will help to give height to your face. It will help to uplift your face. You can also add highlighter to your brow bone.

The game of blush
Don’t miss this step just because you have fuller cheeks. However, make sure you use a light shade and very gently stroke it to your cheekbone between the contouring and highlighting. Don’t play too hard on blusher.

Choose right hair-do
Always choose the right hairdo for your hair. Don’t opt for straightening too much. Give some waves and layers to your hair. This will give some weight to your hair and will uplift your face.

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These are some of the makeup tips which help to give your face an elongated look. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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