Remove Your Upper Lip Hair Naturally With Easy Methods

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Remove Your Upper Lip Hair Naturally With Easy Methods

How will you feel if we tell you that you do not have to visit beauty salons anymore to remove your upper lip hair? Isn’t it sound crazy? Though there is nothing to be embarrassed by having upper lip hair; But yeah, this might hamper your makeup by making your skin tone uneven. So, get ready to be a pro in removing upper lip hair at home only by using natural ingredients. Here we go:

Turmeric is very good for skin care. It is widely used in many beauty products. Not only this, it has anti-bacterial properties which prevent skin from having septic. So when you use turmeric to remove hair it does not affect the skin at all.
All you have to do is, add two teaspoons full of turmeric powder and mix it well with a half bowl milk. Make a batter and apply this on your upper lip area. Leave this as it is for an hour. Once it is hardened, rub this gently and wash it off. Keep doing it every alternative day for a couple of weeks.
Mix the turmeric powder well with either water or milk and apply on your upper lip.

Egg White:
This is another effective way to vanish upper lip hair naturally. Egg white has bleaching properties in it. It helps to reduce the presence of upper lip hair.
Take a bowl and mix egg white, one teaspoon full of cornflour and some sugar. Mix them well until it becomes thick. Apply this concoction to your upper lip area and let it dry. After 45 minutes gently peel it off. you can do it twice in a week.

Sugar is one of those ingredients which are used for painless hair removal. Caramelised sugar is the prime property of waxing. Hence, it is great to use.
Take some cubes in a pan and let it heat for a couple of minutes. After that, add some fresh lemon juice in it and start stirring. Stir it until it becomes a thick liquid. Cool it down and apply this on your upper lip area. Now take a piece of cloth and gently put it over the applied paste. Keep rubbing it in a circular motion. Remember, while pulling it, go backwards to the hair growth direction.

Gram flour:
Gram flour is super effective in removing tiny hair. It has anti-inflammatory properties which do not bother the skin when the hair removed.
You have to add some gram flour with one teaspoonful of turmeric and water. mix them well and make a thick concoction. Apply this on your upper lip area and do not remove until it is dry. Afterthat, scrub that paste and rinse off with cold water. do it twice in a week.

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