How to remove puffiness or swelling from the face naturally

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How to remove puffiness or swelling from the face naturally

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There are a lot of reasons behind the facial swelling. Inflammation, water retention, weight gain and many other. This affects the beauty of your face and even increases your tension as well. If you have gained a lot of weight then it is natural that it will be reflected on your face. However, there are many reasons behind the same. If you are facing a prolonged swelling or puffiness on your face, you must visit a doctor to be sure if there is nothing serious. Hence, there are some ways by which you can get rid of the facial swelling. (Also read: What are the habits that can help you to stay younger for a long time)

How to remove puffiness or swelling from the face naturally?

Reduce your consumption of alcohol: Most often the changes in the face is due to the water retention in the body. When you consume too much alcohol, it intensifies your problem of puffiness of the face, as you tend to become dehydrated. Thus, stop over-consumption of alcohol and drink water.

Take sufficient sleep: Lack of sleep not only affects your immune system but also makes your face swollen. Your sleep lays an impact on the hormones as well and these hormones do not function well. Thus, this leads to inflammation of the body. Thus, the face looks swollen and puffed up. (Also read: Which food items you should try to avoid if you have acne problem)

Avoid eating sodium and carbohydrate food items: If you are over-consuming carbohydrates and salt, your body tends to accumulate the fluid in the body. It eventually leads to the problem of inflammation. Thus, eat in moderation.

Stay active: When you tend to gain weight, automatically it starts getting reflected on your face as well. Thus, stay active. Workout often enough. Keep your body in motion and do some facial exercises as well. This will help you to lose extra weight and will eradicate the puffiness from your face.

Include anti-inflammatory food items in your diet: Try to include more of anti-inflammatory items in your diet such as ginger, turmeric, coconut etc. These products help to get rid of puffiness and swelling of the body as well as the face. (Also read: How does a milk cream(malai) face pack helps to get glowing skin)

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