What Are The Regular Habits Can Make Your Scalp Oily

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What Are Your Regular Habits Can Make Your Scalp Oily

No matter how well you take care of your hair and scalp, your scalp gets oily very soon which lead to oily hair too. The only best time your hair becomes lustrous when you shampoo them. But after 2-3 days, again the same oily scalp appears. But, do you know, this happens because of some of your regular habits? Unknowingly you make your scalp oily and it interrupts with the good health of your hair by bringing dandruff and stickiness. So, have a look at the following and know about the habits which make your scalp oily. Hope these mistakes will make you aware of your scalp and hair. (Also Read: What Are The Effective Hair Care Tips For Men In Winter)

Washing your hair with hot water:
If you regularly wash your hair with hot water, it will make your hair go rough. It makes your hair roots weak and the scalp gets dry. That is why your Sebaceous gland present inside your scalp start producing a lot of oil to balance the moisture. That is why your scalp becomes pretty much oily.

Washing hair every day:
It is necessary to keep your hair dirt-free. But that does not mean you will wash your hair every day. No matter you wash your hair with cold water or hot water if you wash them every single day, your scalp and hair both will become very dry and rough. So, as we have already discussed, the Sebaceous gland starts producing excessive oil to keep the scalp balanced. That is why your scalp is oily most of the time. (Also Read: How To Use Glycerin For Healthy And Beautiful Hair)

Using dirty comb or brush:
No matter if it’s your personal comb if it is dirty it can make your scalp oily and unhealthy. You need to clean your comb or brush every alternate day just to keep all the dirt away. In fact, you can use a wooden comb rather than using a plastic comb to keep your hair and scalp oily free.

Touching your hair repeatedly:
If you are having the habit of touching your hair repeatedly, you are mistakingly making the scalp oily and lifeless. Our hand contain a lot of dirt and sweating which can make your scalp oily. So, change this habit and have a healthy scalp.

Do not use hair styling products:
When we do any hairstyle, we apply a lot of hairsprays, hair protector lotion, iron protector gel etc. These products contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful to your hair and scalp. These chemicals are efficient to make your scalp oily. (Also Read: How Gram Flour or Besan Can Be Great For Your Skin And Hair)

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