What are the reasons that your face looks dull even after applying makeup

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What are the reasons that you face looks dull even after applying makeup

To look beautiful and stylish people use all sorts of things, one of which is applying makeup. Using makeup you can bring out your best features and cover the spots and marks on your face. Makeup is used as a way to express your individuality and style. However, sometimes, despite all your attempts your face looks tired and dull even after applying the makeup. There can be many reasons for the same like not applying the makeup the properly or overdoing the makeup. So, let’s find out the reasons for it.

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Using the wrong colour
It is important to pick the makeup on the basis of your skin type and complexion. It is a silly mistake, but it can have a great impact on you after makeup look. So, before picking up your makeup get to know your skin and find out what colour suits it the most. This way you after makeup look won’t be dull.

Skin is unable to breath
Some makeup products are really heavy when you apply them on your skin. They close your pores and thus your skin is unable to breathe properly. So, use products that are well-suited for your skin.

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Using excessive highlighter
In current makeup trends, the use of highlighter is the key style. Most women use it to get a refined look. However, when you overuse it your skin looks tired and dull. So use it for your cheekbones and nose.

Wrong shade of lipstick
If even after your best attempts your makeup look is actually bringing you down then check for the lipstick you are wearing. Go for bright and vibrant shades instead of dull colours.

Applying too much makeup
The makeup is used in a way to make your best features stand out, but using too much of it gives your face a chalky and dull look.

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