Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin

Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin

Clear, glowing and acne free skin is indeed a dream for the most. However, this dream can be easily achieved by following simple methods and making few changes in lifestyle. With the right intake of vitamins and minerals, anyone can achieve the perfect porcelain skin.

Kicking off the day with a healthy breakfast is the first step of getting an acne free skin. In the hustle bustle of the day to day life, it is difficult to consume the right vitamins and minerals, but there is a perfect solution for this, that is vegetable smoothies. Blend of fruity freshness and green leafy vegetables a refreshing glass of smoothie can increase collagen for a smooth skin.

After a nourishing breakfast, it is important to maintain the nutrition, so for lunch, a healthy green salad is a lovely option. Food rich in vitamin A and omega 3s must be included in the diet to maintain the happy skin. Simple edibles like yoghurt, soy milk, eggs or carrots do wonder to the skin. A light afternoon meal keeps the person chirpy and productive and at the same time it a magic wants for acne troubles.

When the sun starts dipping, the craving for sugar based treats increases. The trick is to not give in to the greed but also to find something to satisfy the need. On such occasions, fruits prove to be of best of help.

It is important to avoid few things to get the dream skin. Oily, fried and too spicy food often cause the breakdown of the skin. Dairy products too, negatively impact the skin, which leads to acne and other skin problems.

During dinner, it is crucial to load up on vitamin E filled food. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it rejuvenates the skin. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils etc are rich in Vitamin E. One should also add anti-inflammatory food in the diet, as it protects the skin from damage. Broccoli, blueberries, carrots all are an excellent source of this diet.

These diets are best for those who are looking for the carefree, happy and perfect skin. However, if the breakout occurs the quickest way to control the damage is chocolates. Applying the chocolate paste on the affected part helps the skin quickly and efficiently. Just these simple ways are enough to help you to achieve your dream skin.

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