Holi 2018 : How to protect your hair from colour damage on Holi

How to protect your hair from colour damage on Holi

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Holi is the festival of colours all around. It brings a lot of zeal and enthusiasm among the people. It is a festival that brings around joy and marks the beginning of festivities. With so many colours all around, one needs to protect their hair from getting damaged. The colours used on Holi are full of chemicals and spoils the hair as well as the skin. It leads to hair loss, dryness of hair, dandruff and split ends. There are certain ways one can protect the hair from getting exposed to chemical-based colours. Some home remedies can actually protect your hair from becoming extremely lifeless and dry. (Also read: How to fight the problem of frontal baldness)

Here’s how one can protect the hair from colour damage on Holi

Chop off the split ends properly: Make sure you chop off the split ends of your hair completely. The chemical based colours often make your hair even drier causing a lot of split ends. Thus, cut off those split ends properly and have a smooth hair.

Do not shampoo your hair before playing with colours: Try not to shampoo your hair a day before Holi and on Holi as well. Too many chemicals in the hair will turn your hair dry. Our hair gets natural oil if they are not washed. This protects the hair from getting damaged. (Also read: Which inexpensive beauty products are essential for skin and hair care)

Massage your hair properly: Before you go out to play with Holi colours, make sure you massage your hair properly. Use some coconut oil and mix it with castor oil to massage your hair and scalp thoroughly. Oil will protect your hair from getting directly exposed to chemicals. This will create an outer layer of protection of hair from colour damage. It will also help you to remove the colour afterwards. Besides this, it will also protect your hair and scalp from getting dry and dull.

Apply some lemon in your hair: If you have dandruff in your hair, make sure you add few drops of lemon into the oil. It will help to protect the hair from getting damaged due to chemical-based colours. Lemon is anti-oxidant in nature which helps to protect the hair from the toxins released out from the colours.

Always cover or tie your hair: Make sure you tie your hair properly by making a braid. This will minimise the exposure of hair to the colours directly. However, you can also cover your hair using a shower cap or a bandanna. (Also read: What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making)

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