What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair

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What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair

We love to try new hairstyles and hairdo. This leads to using electronic tools, gels and various other chemical-based products in the hair. It eventually increases the possibility of hair damage rapidly. Hair straightening makes your hair health deteriorate the most. You have to iron/press your hair while you straighten them. A lot of chemicals is infused into your hair while straightening them. This eventually turns your hair lifeless and washes off the natural nutrients completely. Let’s discuss the various side effects of hair straightening in detail. (Also read: Best ayurvedic face pack for the refreshing and beautiful skin)

What are the possible side effects of straightening your hair?

Turning off hair extremely dry: Dryness of hair is a common side effect. Chemicals and constant heat usually wash off the natural nutrients from the hair. It even washes off the silkiness of hair. Thus, your hair tends to get damaged massively.

Makes hair curly: The roughness and dryness of hair make them curly. Your hair loses the natural oil completely. Stop straightening your hair even if they turn curly. Also, apply conditioner whenever you plan to straighten your hair. (Also read: How curd helps to get a glowing and bright skin)

Leads to hair breakage: When your hair becomes straight, they tend to break even more. When you iron your hair and apply chemicals to them then your hair becomes too weak. They tend to break more often. It even leads to split ends. While you comb your hair, they break excessively.

Itching in the scalp: The roots of the hair damage because of straightening. Besides this, it also fades the natural oil from the scalp and turns it dry. IT eventually leads to itching and dryness in the scalp. In fact, it affects the skin of your forehead, ears, neck as well. If your hair turns dry, stop straightening them.

Turns hair lifeless: When you straighten your hair, they become lifeless. They lose their shine and lustre. It extracts the natural oil from the scalp and makes the hair rough and lifeless. (Also read: How is olive oil beneficial for skin)

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