How to do the perfect face clean up at home

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How to do the perfect face clean up at home

When our skin gets directly exposed to Sun on daily basis, it becomes dull and dry. The constant heat and dirt, wash off the natural glow of the skin and make it look aged. Thus, regular cleaning, exfoliating and scrubbing are some important skin care routine. However, we all fall short of time. Regular visits to spa and salon are out of question. Thus, we all should know how to make time for taking care of our skin at home only. Clean up is the foremost step that can be done easily at home. There are some easy steps one must follow to get the beautiful and youthful skin in no time. (Also read: Effective ways to avoid the summer skin problems)

How to do the perfect face clean up at home?

Step 1: Cleansing: We all know, that washing the face is the most important step to remove all external dirt and dust. It also washes off the extra oil from the face and gives a clean face.

Step 2: Scrubbing: Scrubbing is the next step and it ensures removing the dead skin from the face. It opens the clogged pores and removes the dead skin cells from the face. The choice of scrub depends on your skin type. You can buy any scrubbing kit form the market or can make it yourself at home. The best scrub is sugar and coffee scrub. You can add coconut oil to it. (Also read: Amazing tips to deal with small flyaway hair)

Step 3: Toning: Our skin requires to maintain the pH level so that it remains healthy and glowing. After scrubbing, the skin is free from all the dirt and dust. Now it needs some nourishment. So apply toner on your face. You can also apply rose water or cucumber water if you want to go all natural.

Step 4: Face pack: A face pack is essential to heal the skin and let it relax. It brings the glow on the skin and makes it look younger. Face pack helps to remove tanning and add shine to the face. You can apply any good face pack from the market or can even make it at home. Gram flour and curd along with a pinch of turmeric and honey, make the best face pack.

Step 5: Moisturising: You all must be aware of the fact that moisturising is the key to have a great and glowing skin. One must never skip this step. Do not over moisturise your skin. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free face cream and gently massage it evenly. (Also read: What is wet dandruff and how can we get rid of it)

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