How should one take care of the skin after the workout

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How one should take care of the skin after the workout

Everyone wants to stay fit, thus do a lot of workout, exercises and take up fitness challenges. This is one of the healthiest practices and everyone should take up some fitness regimen. It not only strengthens your muscles but also helps your entire body. While you are working out, your skin is equally involved. The sweat excretes out of your body with the help of your skin. This makes your workout more effective. The way you follow a skin care routine to keep the skin healthy, likewise, you should also follow a post-workout skin routine. So, that your skin shines and glows even after the workout. Thus, it is important to take a good care of the skin after the workout. (Also read: How do amla, reetha and shikakai help your hair)

How should one take care of the skin after the workout?

Don’t wipe your sweat with your hands: While you are working out, there is a lot of sweat on your face and you wipe it off with your hands. This leads to the entry of bacteria and dirt into your skin pores. It is better that you wipe off your face with a towel softly.

Wash your face with a cleanser: Many people exfoliate their skin too much after the workout session. This makes the skin dehydrated and lifeless. Thus use a gentle cleanser on your face. (Also read: How to apply the hair serum correctly to have smoother hair)

Take a shower with lukewarm water: After you are done with your workout session, take a bath with a lukewarm water to shed off the bacterial infection from your body. Make sure you immediately remove your workout attire in order to stop the flow of bacteria to your skin pores. Don’t talk a hot shower right after the workout session.

Moisturise your skin: Your skin loses the moisture after the workout session. Thus, don’t forget to moisturise your skin after the workout. It will help to get the lost moisture of the back.

Drink water: One must drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated. Besides this, our skin needs hydration too. Thus, do not forget to drink water after the workout. This helps your skin to get repaired properly. (Also read: Which nuts help to get glowing and younger looking skin)

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