Oily skin mistakes: Mistakes which are turning your oily skin more oily

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which mistakes turn your skin oily

Oily skin mistakes: If you have an oily skin, you must avoid making some major mistakes.

Oily skin mistakes: Having an oily skin is not a problem as to make the skin soft and supple, we need to have some oil. It helps to maintain the layers on the skin and also keeps the skin well-hydrated. Oily skin shields the skin from the foreign particles as well. But an excess of oil on the face can lead to many skin problems. It makes the skin sticky and can lead to acne as well. if you scrub your face, the oil disappears for the time being but your skin starts producing more oil. If you are also worried about your skin, then you must avoid making some of the skin care mistakes. Let’s discuss those mistakes. (Also read: Oily Skin Care products: Essential beauty products for oily skin)

Oliy skin mistakes: Daily mistakes which turn your skin oily

  • Washing face more than twice
  • Not applying moisturiser
  • Using oily makeup
  • Applying alcohol rich toner
  • Over scrubbing the face

Washing face more than twice

Oily skin mistakes one must stop making
Oily skin: One must not over wash the face in order to get rid of oily skin.

Most of us wash our face too much to wash off the oil from the face. But this is of no use. The oil gets disappeared temporarily but the skin starts producing more oil as the glands products excess oil. This makes your skin look oily.

Not applying moisturiser
If you have an oily skin, you must be thinking that you do not need to apply moisturiser. But this is the biggest mistake. If you apply moisturiser then your skin remains hydrated. This prevents your skin from producing extra oil.

Using oily makeup
If you have an oily skin then you already get the natural moisturiser. You don’t need a moisturising makeup. Applying oily makeup closes your skin pores and the possibility of acne also rises. Thus, use oil-free makeup. (Also read: Oily skincare: How to get rid of pimples from an oily skin)

Applying alcohol rich toner
Toner is an essential product for the people who have oily skin. This soaks the extra oil from the skin and cleans the skin. Toner rich in alcohol can cause itchiness, irritation and redness on the skin. Thus, use an oil-free toner.

Over scrubbing the face

Mistakes to stop in order to get rid of an oily skin
Oily skin: Scrubbing the skin too much also turns the skin oily, so stop making this mistake.

Scrubbing removes the oil from the face but an excess of it is bad for the skin. If you over-scrub the skin, then the oil gets vanished and thus the skin produces more oil to moisten it. Thus, don’t over scrub the skin.

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These are some of the most common mistakes which make your skin oily. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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