How often should you shampoo your hair

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How often should you shampoo your hair

Everyone has a different shampoo routine. It depends on each person’s daily routine, hair texture and preference. Now it is a matter of choice and personal decision when it comes to shampooing your hair. However, there are still few guidelines that can help you to make this decision. Firstly, you must understand the role of the shampoo when it comes to taking care of your hair. The shampoo removes the layer of dirt and excess oil from the scalp. As a result, the hair looks non-greasy. Too much shampooing can take away your natural hair oil from the scalp. (Also read: How to turn a bad hair day into a good one)

Daily shampooing
Many people think that daily shampooing is a must to keep your hair full of life. However, it is actually harmful to your hair. When you wash your hair every day, the shampoo removes the natural oils of the hair. So your scalp starts producing extra oil which ultimately leads to dandruff problem.

How often should you wash it then?
It comes down to your scalp. If you have an oily scalp, your hair will turn greasy even in two or three days, but people with dry scalp can get away with shampooing for a long time period.  (Also read: How reverse hair washing helps you to get soft and bouncy hair)

When is the right time to wash your hair?
If you are someone who works out or have oily scalp then you should go for a hair wash every alternate day or with the gap of two days. However, if you have a dry scalp or thicker hair then it is better to wash it twice or once a week.

What happens if you don’t shampoo your hair for long?
When you don’t wash your hair for long and then the oil, the dirt starts getting accumulated on the scalp. As a result, your hair turns greasy and oily.  (Also read: Five bedtime habits you should follow for gorgeous hair)

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